Balancée is a mobile application designed to help user maintaining and improving daily time management at an entry level.


Have you ever experienced a moment that when you finally lay down on your warm bed, reflecting on all the chaos that kept you extremely busy the entire day, but only 2 things Checked off from the to-do list? Would you sleep with the rest of list in mind, or get up again to finish just one more thing?

The American Institute of Health estimates that 75-90% of all visits to primary care physicians are stress related. Time management is beyond finding gaps between deadlines and meetings; it’s about balance one’s life as a whole, which also includes healthy, happiness and sense of achievement.

My goal is to create an interactive time management application that helps people to balance their time to achieve better efficiency as well as enjoy their life.


Through extensive research, I learned the most important needs of basic level time management was to have a better tool that helps user to simplify his/her plan list, and connect their real performance with the original plan to reflect on.

I created a mobile application to help user build more personalized and effective time management skill, by providing categorized plan, tracking and visualized data that compares their real performance with the planned schedule, to create an opportunity that allow users to be aware of; reflect; and to adjust the time spend on short cycle items to improves their overall time management skill.

future consideration: customize goal orientation function for different needs.

prototype video


I created a storyboard to map out how would the final design solution helps user to improve their time management skill, and achieve a balanced lifestyle.

This site map was created in order to better understand the features needed in this mobile application.

Mock up

After 3 key-finding interviews and analysis of 5 current time management related mobile product. I created this mock up use Balsamiq to map out the initial interaction flow, and test it with 2 participants.

usability testing from the interactive mockup has provided me valuable insights for iteration. Main improves are:

  • step-by-step interaction screen needed to showcase the natural flow

  • features switched on plan page. Bring the content form to the upper level as users are more focused on the planning task, rather than the graphic that shows task proportion; when IOS keyboard raise up, it clocks the lower half of the screen

  • Data statistics were simplified to one visual style, and only present the weekly data as most desired among users from testing. Future consideration might allow customized time period in setting menu.

High fidelity prototype & visual style design




Site Map

Mock up

Usability Testing




Adobe Creative Suits



1 month + 2 weeks iteration