Volkswagen Autonomous Vehicle

Project Harmony is a ride-share autonomous vehicle concept, designed to provide a relaxing, personal space for the urban environment.

Honor: 'Best Class Work' - 1st Annual School of Informatics and Computing Design Expo at Indiana University. Dec 2014

Concept Video

Concept video to present our initial project scope. Played as opening of in-class project presentation.

User Journey Map

We mapped out an user journey map to understand and identify the user needs.



Affinity Diagramming


User Journey Map




Adobe AfterEffects

Adobe Illustrator


Kyle Overton

Steven Zhao

Matt Bloom-Charlin

My Contribution 

Researching the user group

Ideation, Sketching, concept scope video for class presentation, the design rationale, wireframe of final design. 

Co-present at the Design Expo

Poster for the Design Expo


Our final design solution an audio-visual system that embed in the interior design of the self-driving vehicle, which expanded the riding experience for passengers by utilizing the screen/window and the space to allow them to do their desired tasks, such as reading documents, conference meeting, exploring the city… or as wireframe below: to have a moment of relaxation inside this audio-visual space that carries them on the way to their next destination.

Low-fidelity wireframe