A solution aimed to utilize intelligent digital assistants to enhance the learning experience in the year of 2020

*2-week design challenge for Microsoft as part of the RDSC class @ IU/HCId

Project Type

UX Research

UX Design

Team & Duration

Team of 3

2-week design challenge


Team Facilitator

UX Researcher

UX Designer


Siri, GoogleNow, Facebook M, Alexa Cortana, Luka and myriad other speech or text activated assistants have all started the conversation about what intelligence is and does in system design. Our team started by asking who is involved in the education in 2020, to explore involving touch points that help us identify the problem space, in stead of creating technology-driven design.


Technology has already been involved in education for a while. How it's been over the past 5 years? What can we learn from the "history"? What kind of data can we collect from the past 5 years of technological evolution in education?


Design Goal

To utilize digital assistants to enhances the strengths and capabilities of the teacher and allows them to deliver the necessary guidance while keeping the student engaged and actively learning


inspired by the flipped classroom

visualization exploration

professor's panel

Project Timeline

Week 1 - Exploratory User Research

Generated a list of research questions and formulate hypotheses

Develop and execute a research plan

Crystalize research insights from our findings

Week 2

Insight-Driven Design


Finding the right problem was a big success for our team in this 2-week design challenge with Microsoft. We've spent quality amount of time asking questions and exploring ideas to discover relevant touch points. We believed with the understanding of the past few years history on how did technology involved in the education system, plus the data we collected from interview, it would help us to better predict the future. We gain valuable insights from our research, then started the design process with open-minded ideation. After few rounds of expansion and contraction, we scoped our design down to the core solution, and was able to interpret our solution with a user story. 

Also as the facilitator of the team, I was response for the project flow, coordinate meeting schedules and propose agendas.