A mobile app that elevates Bloomingfoods deli service to help its customer to explore healthy diet choices, and to provide a more efficient and delightful shopping experience.


Who is the customer?

Why would customer choose Bloomingfoods for daily grocery shopping?

What's unique in Bloomingfoods as a community organic grocery store? 


[Contextual Inquiry, Interview ]

In order to understand how does the customer shop in current experience, identify user needs, problems and potential opportunities, I visited 2 of the local stores to observe and talk with both customers and store managers. Listen their thoughts from different perspectives and collect data.

Key takeaways

Customer needs change overtime.

Customer would use their mobile to search product detail and recipes while standing between the shelves

People who chose organic food are more likely looking for a healthy lifestyle.

People who likes store dining service, also buying groceries in store frequently.

Also, when cashier mentions that dishes in the deli department made with particular product a customer is purchasing, they are more likely to explore the food as well.

People don't always know how to utilize store product to their needs:

"I also care about how should I cook with these ingredients to get the most of it"

Lunch time is one of the peak times, and people regularly comeback to seek for dining options.


Customer shopping journey overtime

Design Opportunity

What if ...

we combine the store product and deli department to let each part support the other side? To create cues and deliver service that leverage customer's healthy lifestyle, and delight their overall shopping experience?

Design Focus

Bridging store service/product information with early stage customer's needs, to help them have a more effective and meaningful shopping experience, and retain their revisit to the grocery store.

Lo-fi flow


Selected Hi-fi mocks

Solution rationale


Bloomingfoods is a highly community-bonded business that values their customer's voice. The design bridges individual consumer with store information by creating a platform that allows both sides to share information to improve the over shopping experience.


The app allows customers to check on current product in the market and deli of the selected store, explore bi-weekly ads, learn recipes made of store product, and add ingredients into their shopping list prior to their visit. (see below storybroad for scenario)


Key features



About Project

2 weeks design challenge that asked to create a better daily grocery shopping experience

Project Type

Mobile app

UX design/research


UX Research

UX Design

Interaction Design

Visual Design


Adobe CS

Sketch 3


Interactive prototype


Easy to implement: existing content from current website and bi-weekly ads ready to use

Promote the sustainable concept by going paperless

Easier to collect customer information through app platform

Convenient for CO-OP owners to understand user needs for future business promoting


Future opportunities

Personal account for customized information to further improve shopping experience

such as customized preferences to help filter store products based on personal preferences